Work Meetings

“University Graduates and Labor Market. Accounts on the first results of the survey” Workshop

The workshop was 2 days long and was held in November 2011, at the National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest, bringing together approximately 100 representatives from the higher education institutions...

53 public and private universities attended the workshop "Conducting the Field Phase"

The workshop “Conducting the Field Phase” was held between 4th - 5th of November, in Sinaia. The workshop has been coordinated by the UEFISCSU team and the German partner participating in the project...

“University Graduates and Labor Market. Developing the Tracer Study questionnaire at national level” workshop

The workshop “University Graduates and Labor Market. Developing the questionnaire at national level” was held in Sinaia, on 3rd and 4th June, with the following objectives...

Work meeting with the representative of the International Centre For Higher Education Research in Kassel, Germany

In March 2010, we organized a workshop within the National study of monitoring the labor market insertion of higher education graduates

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