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Happy impact 22-year-old girl Cain stay standing Shanghai subway platform at a station side, aware of the possible got into big trouble: she looked at a few meters outside the track center love basketball, overwhelmed. The next possible consequences might be aborted run the entire line of the subway, will not cause a major accident? Now it will be a rush hour subway ...... "will certainly be a fine, a conservative estimate of 10,000 yuan." Cameraman schadenfreude aside speculation that he encouraged Cain boldly near the edge of the platform and try to change hands dribble. Cain's skills clearly overrated basketball "suddenly suddenly" jumped at the site, lay rail center. Cain is a height of 1.56 meters in the Shanghai girls love to play basketball. Because the body is believed to have a ordinary but extraordinary "Just Do It" campaign spirit, she was Nike's ad agency Wieden picked, in the subway station shot a shot to play basketball. described the frustration and tension after, Cain enthusiastically to reporters about the incident later development: basketball does not affect the central rail traffic without being fined. Warning subway station the day after the staff is very gentle: "The girl ah to be careful, next time I will not help you picking up." The master in the night after the subway outage, he jumped off the platform to pick up the basketball. Indeed, a skinny girl playing basketball in many cases is liked. Beginning in March 2006, Nike aired "Just Do It" DV series advertisement, Cain to weak figure on the court shooting with "do not put her in the eye," the boys. "Never mind, I will prove myself to them!" Cain with a funny expression stubborn declared, "I do not believe in God, I believe in myself." In addition to Cain, is onto DV series of ads the TV screen as well as three other protagonist of the story: skateboarding, raising reptiles Beijing Kid martial arts; from Mohe to Sanya three slippery skating complete a Chinese teenager Liu Nan , Wang Sen and Yinzi chess; suffering from leukemia, but obsessed football Jiang Haitao. The commercial ends with the self-DV clips recorded in the form of their movement and life, shaking the camera with a tie not a tie narration of the protagonist, the new generation of young people who optimistic, aggressive, self-assertive personality and attitude towards life and presented enlarge . "This is the Nike tribute to this generation of Cheap foamposites for sale young people and praise, they are free to choose life." Wieden (China) General Manager Lin Zengrui said. Cain for a long time did not dare tell his parents to shoot such an ad, because she had never so in front of their parents to show their "true side." Finally, she was sweating profusely to accompany my father watching on television advertising, "like wearing the same clothes embarrassing." Less communication with her daughter's father told her, look at advertising films "covered in goose bumps." Many Chinese audience is the first time I saw this ad, no stars, no products. Skateboard, play DJ (dance music presided over), holding the Horned Frogs of martial arts on television saying, "They think I play things and others do not like, the raising of animals and others do not, as if deliberately engaged in specialization In fact, not "" Actually, I have been pursuing is the word, that is 'happy'! "- real strong impact, the civilian population of the characters and stories produced before the audience beyond the perception of advertising. "Everyone athlete" Nike Just Do It DV series of ads is Wieden debut in China, which is home to the world-famous creative advertising company as their ads as distinctive. When the global advertising industry are busy capital, the whole business consolidation, restructuring, Wieden is the only one still adhere to the creative conduct, does not belong to any independent advertising company in a large group, and for decades it pursues "scale not everything "philosophy, refused to buy others. Linzeng Rui said: "We belong to ourselves, not ready to sell itself to anyone." 1982, the two founders Dan Wieden Wieden and John Kennedy in Nike's support, resigned from an advertising company, founded Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, from the two sides have maintained a 25-year partnership . Nike's brand is getting better, Wieden creative world famous places. January 2005, "in no hurry to make money," the Wieden behind other advertising companies years to enter China, the world's sixth branch opened. In October 2005, after a round has five advertising companies to participate in the "pitch" (advertiser selection process agents from a number of advertising companies based on creative), Wieden old partner in China won the Nike contract. Prior to this, it has been run by another famous 4A advertising agency JWT (JWT) advertising business agent in charge of Nike China. D Cheap foamposites for sale ecember, Wieden (China) moved beside a deep alley Zhaojiabang a three Xiaobailou from Shanghai People's Square. This was originally the residence of a building placed on the downstairs yard turf basketball and football, beside graffiti on the wall, are three characters: "boldness to do." "Creative exist in any aspect, we must keep an open environment." Lin Zengrui said. Usually tired of work, more than 30 employees will be organized in the courtyard downstairs playing, shuttlecock, or self-care to bed. Here are held every half a Party, employees bring their friends together Happy. There is also a sunny library. "We like it here, do not like high-grade office buildings." Wieden Business Planning (AE) Zhangqiu Feng said, "where we can not only smoke, but also lying smoke." ????? is an avid football fan, joined Wieden last June, two weeks after Europe's top soccer team Manchester United's visit to China, is nothing of his colleagues received "A gun," assigned to the first errand: public expense to go to Beijing to see the Manchester United game. He cried loudly wailing, "can not believe this is true." The next ten days, he put in the online forum to get to know a dozen fans gathered together, stay to stay at Manchester United's Kerry Centre Hotel, the autograph one day 9 hours stay moderate lift Manchester United players, track stars Train and go shopping, go to the stadium to cheer. After two weeks spent together crazy Starchaser life, ????? fans to sit down with deep chat. This is the purpose of this line of his work - to fans interviewed to get the advertising industry terminology so-called "consumer insight" (consumer insight): insight into the inner world of consumers, understand their aspirations, values ??and potential demand . Later, Wieden did not do related advertising works, but this is the daily accumulation of. Nike's an important concept that is "everyone is athlete", Wieden on the understanding that, it is necessary for everyone as the athletes rather than the consumer view. "We want to take the initiative to accumulate knowledge of the consumer, it is definitely not instant success, and we are not receiving the item after the survey commissioned by the company to do market research, and then meet to discuss an idea." ????? he said, "we ourselves go and consumers good friends only really understand them, you just might make them hit the creative mind. " advertising, it is jordan shoes online sale the exchange DV Series Nike ad film has three main characters through this "field interview" approach to find. July 2005, Wieden start of "what is sports hearts Teen Spirit" problem of the investigation, several companies planning to cooperate with the Nike marketing team, which went to Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing and other cities, to seek to reflect this spirit of ordinary people. A hot summer, Zhang Qiufeng see sitting on the sidelines of football Cain, he went up conversation, thus knew one pair play basketball fanatic girl's story. By Cain, Zhangqiu Feng came to know her friend Jiang Haitao. "They have become our hero." Language is the transformation of American English girl A gun with a word of Chinese Private ????? describe Wieden came after: "Like a flower in full bloom." When another business planning and strategic planning ????? A gun in an interview with Beijing Wangfujing street sports boy, encountered early years of martial arts side of the edge in front of the church skateboarding. Happy freelance martial arts once they infect the Wieden: not contaminated smoke, drink alcohol, tattoos and other hobby, telling everyone speak about his skateboard, Chinese gourd, the old Beijing walnut, Hip-Hop, and his include three dozens of species of reptile pythons and two 1.5 m of the Americas, including lizards. "There is a reason people are not happy, and they do not live for yourself." Wu Yi told reporters, "I do not think the difference is interested in what is wrong, as long as they obtained from happy." After contacting dozens reflect "Just Do It" spirit of youth sports, Wieden planning were emotionally. "Their story is very touching." Zhangqiu Feng said, he and his colleagues had to record their stories of strong impulses. A weekend in November 2005, is the martial arts outside Beijing Wangfujing church on the square skateboarding Wieden company also received a phone call inviting him to participate in a propaganda Nike's "Just do it" spirit of the activity, he readily agreed. Wieden The seven stories of these young people with the camera shot down, made into an album. Life Planning pictures accompanied by their emotional true story written text posed impressed Nike. Wieden to Nike suggestion: "Maybe we can, by extension, a series of advertising campaigns." Finalized after Nike, Wieden naturally sprouted with DV documentary form so that "the heroes tell their own stories," the cheap air jordans idea. In January 2006, officially launched the four of Wieden story made into TV advertising film shooting. All were shot in the natural state were living, "the pursuit of happiness word" period dotting the language, is the martial arts to his girlfriend at home on the road, chatting with the photographer blurted out. Cain is seen in the famous Hong Kong director Fruit Chan and Kenneth Bi and cooperation with Chen and excited "continuous shaking," she think the whole filming process "is in play." "Just Do It DV Series" caused a huge spread effect, consumers influx Nike store across the country, his own motion picture plastered with "Just Do It picture wall", where the vast majority of young people . Nike (China) Company put this series of video files on our website for people to download, and called on people to visit the website to upload photos, small movie, or audio, tells the story of personal experience of the movement, "you have the opportunity to become the next Nike 'Just Do It' the protagonist of the movie! " Wieden business manager Anne introduced just a few months, there are more than 30 million people visit the website, upload sports story has reached more than 1,000. Countless people to Cain, martial arts or worship them express a message exchange ideas. "Starlet feeling out," but even more excited Cain, she thus find a similar looking girls basketball playmates. "Everyone has published the story of his desire, we provide a platform and space." Linzeng Rui said that this was a great response from the ad is not how much the cost, martial arts get paid is a pair of Nike shoes and a little promotion funds to finance his skateboarding. But he felt very happy: "I just want to promote skateboarding is a healthy sport." Anne opinion, Just Do It DV series is not an advertising practices conventional sense, but rather an exchange. "Their story itself can express the sporting spirit, this spirit of cool has a strong spread of power," she said, "Our advertising creative ideas beyond the traditional sense of that, with innovative ways to communicate what we want expression through networks and activities, we exceed the original tradition established television, newspapers category, with a new way to talk to consumers communicate. " "This is super advertising." 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