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foreign news pointed out that this may be a generation some version of Brenda, through the rose petals like a color to pay tribute to the mother of Rose, but every time I think this color is the symbol of the bulls! Just imagine Rose wearing this version, with the Red Jersey on the road, it is looking forward to the arrival of the new season, I would like to know D Rose 6 Boost detailed properties, refer to the previous official news. source: SOLE COLLECTORConverse Weapon? NBA recalls that the golden age for the time, by Magic Johnson brand? Converse this cleverly Lifestyle style into the basketball shoes, with gray upper fluorescent spots to decorate collocation, form a strong contrast. news source: The, Good, Will, OutThe Jordan V.2 from Low after the launch to a considerable leisure by many other shoe fan favorite, it was launched as Air color Jordan 3? True Blue "color generally attractive, full of blue vamp also burst pattern of the Swoosh collocation add red tide flu, Jordan Logo also have embellishment quite good, love friends please look forward to more subsequent messages. source: sneakernews?Foot Locker and John Wall fans earlier to the girl about close face to face, to celebrate the first pair of signature shoes J Wall 1 J Wall debut, the scene with each kind of fans to participate in interactive, everyone on his performance quite looking forward, you can see the foreign film interview. In addition to the current personal John Wall's rise also led the Wizards team played a 3 game winning streak, currently temporarily Eastern fourth, 19 points and 10 assists for the double ten performance is expected to continue all star, he can look forward to with the launch of this series of personal momentum in this season with the wizards to get success. J Wall 1 related reports When the version comes on, Adidas is sure to sell the Crazylight Boost 2015 Mid cheap jordans for sale version. Similar to the Primeknit Boost Mid technology shock vamp collocation, the biggest difference in the ankle structure formed to use TechFit material, the appearance looks quite thick, also for the key parts to add thick protective. Currently in the playoffs by Mike, Conley, Josh, Smith and other players use, and so on, after the formal listing, that can compare the difference between the two. source: Sole Collector recently attacked Nike Air Presto Flyknit Ultra doesn't seem to stop, recently will launch a new color, we should be on the line and collocation are quite familiar with, many people will be dubbed "Sprite" or Sprite, the two color collocation in the visual is indeed quite energetic but for those boys may be difficult, because there is only the sale of female size, if you missed the color or is fond of the color of love, there is no further selling information; Japan currently available in atmos recently purchased, Japan travel friends, may wish to take note. source: atmos sports brand Under Armour to launch MVP Stephen Curry NBA season regular season on the second generation Curry Two boots has been officially on sale. Curry personally participated in the Curry Two design, each pair of shoes, the color of the hair, not only around his personal story, but also represents his beliefs, good skills and their own attitude. When the is no longer dominate the stadium, three tall ball replaced dunk Curry has become the mainstream, with the efforts and willpower changed from basketball thinking; because the body of the inferior, in the field of basketball has not been good, but this view has become the growth of his power, Curry to exercise their shooting posture, so they can score from any position on the pitch, become omnipresent threat in the game, shot time step by step to speed up, after hard self training, get the ball from the Curry to sell it onl jordans on sale online y takes 0.4 seconds. Since the way with extraordinary imagination training hard and firm belief, completely breaking the traditional stereotype of basketball, that small stature can become the dominating hegemon; fans can Under Armour in the latest release of the film, see the shot swift as the wind of the MVP is how to show a strong force to dominate moment to change the game. Curry Two is expected to sell nine colors, Taiwan will also be synchronized with the global, the first launch of the first three colors were Iron Sharpens, Iron DubNation and Father To Son, make love to his fans to complete the collection of MVP exclusive boots on the court with a kind of Curry will break the disadvantages of Hurricane score! into a country warriors, dedicated to the most enthusiastic fans in the world. "DubNation" is dedicated to the world's most enthusiastic Jinzhou warriors fans, showing Curry on the warrior's loyalty! Through this classic warrior blue yellow color, Curry, fans and team closer together, "DubNation" is expected to be available on October 31st. and 〉Stephen Curry is visiting Asia again this summer, opening the flag Asia tour. In order to welcome his arrival, Under Armour carefully crafted series product filled with thick Asian flavor: famous novel "journey to the west" is the inspiration for use in the Curry 2.5 SC30 basketball boots, clothing and accessories, interpretation of the Curry challenge spirit and excellent basketball skills. Whether it is Curry 2.5 "SUN WUKONG" and "ERLANG SHEN", or the creative Asia Special Edition T-Shirt, a series of products with modern science and technology as the theme, China fusion of classical literature, deduce Curry exclusive basketball spirit: only as West learn monkey like that experienced heavy disaster and test. In the process of self transcendence and refine, to move towards the achievement of the su cheap air jordans online mmit. The Asia series, Curry 2.5 'SUN WUKONG' and 'ERLANG SHEN' is an inspired passage, every detail is the embodiment of the designer's unique ingenuity. Shoe design drawn from the Peking opera art, simple lines to depict Monkey King and erlangshen facial details; head carved on shoelaces "Ruyi" and "Xiao Tian", showing a clever Mahatma Ye exclusive weapons Dinghaishenzhen "and" golden flexibly Shen Yang Jian faithful partner "Xiao Tian dog" shoes; the lining have a unique style brand logo and SC30 logo Curry exclusive combination of art "; a bold front insole printed sharp calligraphy, drawing on" journey to the west "in the Sun Wukong war erlangshen text, and the Under Armour logo insole heel were tight hoop and crescent bow around the show together modern and traditional. UA Curry 2.5 shoes designed to be the most changeful style intense and tailor-made, provide additional support and protection and the permeability of Curry; Charged Cushioning energy in the bottom and extending multi outsole design combination, provide comfort and grip cut to dribble, Curry impossible to guard against change and jump stop. Under Armour Curry Asia Tour 2.5 Special Edition Taiwan on September 6th in the designated store point of sale, the price of 4980 yuan NT$, with sales information can refer to listing reporting (268.75 KB, download number: 0) download Sneaker Politics x New Balance Case 999 2015-9-22 00:11 upload With the weather getting cold, 2014-15 CBA league season is coming to us, as the League official equipment sponsor, strategic partner, Lining brand for the league's players specially prepared a variety of excellent boots, in order to better serve the player, Lining basketball designers for players, basketball boots to " ", " spirit;; " " two kinds of style, the spirit of " boots on the court is mo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black re suitable for flexible, light and fast players, and " " characteristics of boots more in line with the forces that cover the whole field, invincible players. Different style, different division of labor, but also reflects the brand of Lining care and intentions for athletes. Today we report basketball hero, is " " style of a Boots - the Lining raid (LI-NING Power Low low version)! 001IzPVqzy6MgdzoBu2aa& amp; 690.jpeg (85.76 KB, download number: 49) download The Lining raid (LI-NING Power Low low version) 2014-9-23 11:36 upload 001IzPVqzy6MgdzGF4Z19& amp; 690.jpeg (61.53 KB, download number: 50) download The Lining raid (LI-NING Power Low low version) 2014-9-23 11:36 upload the sole use of carbon fiber material arch support, which is frequently mentioned "carbon plate", its tenacity and strength, can make the shoes stability to achieve the perfect state. At the same time, carbon fiber board and carbon fiber membrane to form the "3D upper protection" concept, not only can provide a full range of protection performance, can enhance the effect of force transmission in the process of movement. Equipped with IP injection cushioning technology in bottom, in numerous Lining basketball boots has proved its excellent, in the end use of the new upgraded " Bounse+" science and technology, enhance the rebound performance, and rubber outsole can let the Lining raid low version (LI-NING Power Low) to help more with the wear resistance, 0FILA in the first to bring only a limited 50 pair of Kinetics x FILA 96GL "Metallic" shoes after the official release of FILA 96GL Standard Edition engraved, including Grant · Hill (Grant Hill) in the Detroit pistons in color. Founded in 1911, FILA brand launched a joint venture with Gosha Rubchinskiy last year, and then made it brilliant. Now, FILA 96GL this classic shoes section, also for the shoes of the heyday of 90s review, jordan 3 katrina 2018 its selling price is 13000 yen. wants to say that this vintage retro running shoe's favourite, non , Adidas Originals, ZX, Flux. In the 1989 ZX series was born thousands of digital models, with Torsion; System technology turned out to ZX 8000; a generation of classic, while ZX Flux is transformed to ZX 8000 form and function, and injected into the soul of fashion. We believe that on ZX Flux upper color printing technology equal to anything impressive, but one can not be ignored Primeknit ZX Flux version of weaving technology; Weave recently released the double "Grey/Black" color. By the numerous white and grayish upper triangular diamond covered, diamond cutting effect is presented; three black stripes and heel fixation provides a solid visual texture, and finally with a minimalist white running shoes. 〈br adidas="" originals="" zx="" running="" shoes="" retro="" tide="" of="" new="" flux〈br="" last week by Hiroshi Fujiwara to instagram exposure and triggered the 35th anniversary of hot fragment design stussy x joint series has finally complete release. First printed into the eye is a deep blue, army green and all black three MOD MA-1 jacket, and three with the "S Double" and lightning Boonie Logo hat models mutual response. With two sets of head zipper Hoodie, round neck sweater and T-Shirt black and white two color collocation on both sides of the joint has simple mark. The first exposure of the Teng Yuan Hao Oxford shirt is white, blue two colors, and ultimately, of course, there is little to Stussy representative of the "Tom Tom" printed on the full version of the T-Shirt for the end. The series of pricing from $6500 to RMB 46000, coins ranging on 13 November began in stussy the designated stores purchased. source: StussyASICS 33 natural run series compared to Kayano, Ninmbus, GT2000 and other well-known series from some friends Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ran down. This allows after the introduction of the new 33 series of more embarrassing position. And the new 33 series of product line planning and Free Nike series of the concept is very similar. new 33 series, and 33 series. The most intuitive difference is the naming method. Will be in the past in the shoe section "XX-33", changed to "33-XX"". the 33-FA as a type of natural running shoes and configuration in the outsole heel FLUIDAXIS system and guide out the rotational movement of the foot naturally. At the end of the base is equipped with both the anti - elastic and flexible of the new material, and the use of a new type of light weight of the new SOLYTE. The FLUIDAXIS system, which is arranged on the heel part after the big bottom, guides the natural rotation movement of the foot. At the end of the base is equipped with both the anti - elastic and flexible of the new material, and the use of a new type of light weight of the new SOLYTE. Before and after the bottom of the high and low setting in the 4mm, the bottom of the design is slightly thicker than the 33-DFA, is to reduce the impact of the ground when the stability of the. one, the appearance of 33-FA the first eye appearance, some "heavy", there is no "natural run" concept as commonly thought of light, shaken after the discovery, 33-FA, although not to the fingers of the VFF shoes "barefoot" weight, still meet the light weight shoes standard. In this easy to deceive weight prediction of appearance, we still in the 33-FA can feel traditional asics running shoes design aesthetic requirements, the use of fabric material, TPU support, and so on. two, shoe upper first glance, you will feel 33-FA's upper three, sole soles of the hit design is lively and bright. FluidAxis: in order to improve the natural rotation, at the end of the heel is equipped with a curved groove. The effect of reducing the natural movement of the steps. AHAR: heel bottom using ASICS's own famous AHAR, so wear resistance is guaranteed. The height difference was 4MM before and after . 4mm gap value that will guide runner changed before the midfoot with, by letting the muscle, tendon parts to replace the knees to absorb the impact. Solyte ultra light in the end, a substantial reduction of the weight, so that 33-FA is more light. The box weighs 234 grams 8.5 yards. four, summary in recent years, such as "forefoot running", "no harm to run posture", "barefoot running hot, also early triggered a positive response from all the shoe factories. ASICS as one of the manufacturers to follow up the market earlier, from the 33 series to new 〉Weekend Releases | Nike Basketball Rises Another weekend, another Saturday chock full of compelling launches. While recent Saturdays have focused on classic Js or clean lifestyle silhouettes, this one boasts just... By Suede Comes to the Air Jordan 11. All of the Air Jordan 11 The Air Jordan 11 is more synonymous with patent leather than any shoe in history. Later this year, it throws it all away for one... By Air Jordan 1 ??Reverse Shattered Backboard?? Release Date In terms of both production quality and overall aesthetics, the Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard was one of the most acclaimed new Air Jordan 1... By White Air Jordan 12 OVO Release Date Set! Placing bets on what??ll be the most coveted shoe of the year? Weird hobby, if I??m being honest, but here??s the odds-on favorite: the white... By Official Photos of the Air Jordan 12 Wool Nylon??s in the rearview, but the Air Jordan 12??s?affinity for unconventional materials isn??t done just yet. Next month, the shoe trades hoops function for fashion... By Air Jordan 4 Premium ??Ginger?? Release Date Workboot aesthetics come to a classic Air Jordan this fall, yielding a striking marriage of fashion and function. I give you the Air Jordan 4... By The Latest Air Jordan 4 Premium Drops Saturday Iconic athletic design with a dash of luxe, high-fashion execution; thy name is Air Jordan 4 Premium Navy. By Air Jordan 12 ??Black Nylon?? Release 9/10 The Air Jordan 12 was originally conceived to bring luxury style to the court, as buttery premium leather and a vivid ??rising sun?? stitching pattern... By Official Photos of Saturday??s Air Jordan 1 High ??Banned?? Call it the Air Jordan 1 High Banned, the Bred Air Jordan 1, or whatever you want. But you can certainly call it the best... By First Look at the 2017 Air Jordan 4 ??Motorsports?? Retro? News broke back in June that the Air Jordan 4 Motorsports, legendary for its style and scarcity, would return in 2017, this time with a... By accompanied by North Carolina won the NCAA championship, the tragic "crazy March" also officially closed! Two university as Jordan Brand's sponsorship of the California school, Berkeley and Michigan recent exposure of two, each team Air Jordan 13 Low color PE, really make people see! Two pairs of were in dark blue tone, bright yellow in the bottom with the iconic M embellishment, create a consistent eye-catching temperament Michigan Wolverines, particularly eye-catching. also a pair of California Golden Bear PE is more restrained, in addition to the Cal logo on the tongue, the Golden Bear Logo insole is impressive, yellow lines outline the shoe body to create a stereoscopic feeling have a unique style! but unfortunately, these two exclusive PE only school team players have, a small amount of gifts to relatives and friends, is not intended to invest in the market, it is reported that each amount is not more than 50 pairs, can not meet! The NCAA PE team for the love of friends may wish to go to previously only in Air Jordan sold in the United States, 31 Low PE, which is perhaps the most PE color easy to start, the current domestic market with some cash back, interested friends may wish to look!0.jpg (113.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-9-14 20:05 upload rumors for Kobe's next generation boots, and this is named Nike Zoom Novadome may at this point let Kobe fans disappointed. Alosers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collection-1.jpeg (265.44 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-20 10:54 upload was set up in just a few years of accumulation of many popular Japanese footwear brand LOSERS, by virtue of the creative design of the successful capture the majority of a powerful and unconstrained style, street fans heart, even the fashion week show also often appear in their design. Recently, the brand will be officially announced, "Out Of Step" 2015 winter series, for the upcoming winter season to prepare. The new series is still draw inspiration from the traditional Japanese style and featured superior fabrics, suede and antique cotton as raw material, collocation pattern and design creative design, to provide consumers with a wide variety of collocation, also let the impression in the monotonous autumn season is no longer boring! losers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collection-2.jpeg (235.43 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-20 10:54 upload losers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collection-3.jpeg (247.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-20 10:54 upload losers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collection-4.jpeg (60.11 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-20 10:54 upload losers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collection-5.jpeg (184.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-8-20 10:54 upload losers-2015-fall-winter-out-of-step-collectio〉