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: according to Fuzhou customs statistics, in the first half of 2007, Fujian exported 931 million pairs of shoes and valued at 2 billion 304 million US dollars, up 11.6% and 18.3% respectively over the same period of last year. the first half of Fujian province exported shoes mainly in general trade, total exports of $1 billion 556 million, an increase of 22.8%, accounting for the same period in Fujian Province shoes exports amounted to 67.5%; in addition, the processing trade exports $672 million, an increase of 12.6%, accounting for 29.2%. the main markets in Europe and the United States are still in Fujian shoe exports, the first half of 15.5%, exports to the U.S. $934 million, exports to the EU growth; $701 million, an increase of 18%; total exports accounted for 71% of total exports. The export of the traditional market steady growth, emerging market growth is also very fast, the first half of Latin American exports $198 million, an increase of 36%; exports to Africa $113 million, an increase of 20.5%; the Swiss exports of 91 million U.S. dollars, up 18.6%. private enterprise exports were dominant; total exports of 987 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 34.3%, accounting for 42.8% of total exports of footwear in Fujian province in the same period. in the first half of the year, the export prices of various types of shoes rose in Fujian province. Among them, rubber, plastic shoes exported 663 million pairs, worth $121 million, increased 11.9% and 20.4%, the average export price of $1.82 per jordan shoes online sale pair, an increase of 7.6%; textile fabric shoes exported 163 million pairs, worth $411 million, up 22.1% and 37.7%, the average export price of $2.52 per pair, an increase of 12.7%; affected by the EU anti dumping, leather shoes exports decline, but exports in export prices driven by exports to maintain growth, 101 million double, down 3.6%, worth $676 million, an increase of 5.8%, the average export price of $6.73 / double, growth of 9.8%. Fuzhou customs official pointed out that the current footwear exports still face internal and external pressure: one is to restrict the expansion of export of anti-dumping, two technical barriers to improve the access threshold, three is the lower export tax rebates, the factors of production prices make the cost pressures. in this regard, the Fuzhou Customs: as a labor-intensive industry, the footwear industry to win the long-term, stable and sustainable development of the environment, must improve their core competitiveness, from the quantity expansion type " " " quality & quot; change the growth mode. On the one hand, speed up the implementation of " brand strong " strategy;nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-1.jpg (35.37 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-21 15:20 upload The most favorite shoes for nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-2.jpg (39.13 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-21 15:20 upload nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-3.jpg (40.23 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-21 15:20 upload nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-4.jpg (29.41 KB, download number: 0) downl cheap air jordans oad 2013-12-21 15:20 upload nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-6.jpg (64.72 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-21 15:20 upload nike-lunar-force-1-speckle-19_resize.jpg (47.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-21 15:20 upload nike-lunar-force-1-speckle0as Y-3 2017 autumn and winter series of a major bright spot, created by Yamamoto Teruji shoes brand new Zazu finally officially debut. In "Triple Black" Zazu Kozoko Low shoe body contour and color of the first approximation, the high-grade leather and fit with chloroprene rubber production, and will save the traditional lacing system, to a fine woven with fixed and decoration, finally equipped with black ColorBOOST and Continental rubber outsole midsole. At present, the shoes can be purchased at designated stores such as Naked, at a price of 260 euros. Https:// 138353 air jordan 8 retro " aqua 2015" USD InStock /Air Jordans /Air 200 Jordans/Air Jordan 8 /All Products /Price Drops /Best Under $250 /Men /Cyber Monday 2016 /Top 30 of 2016 /FC Sweet 16 /Best Under $200 200 air jordan 1970-01-01 catalog/product/0/1/012330_3.jpg the well-known British shoe shop Footpatrol season again and classic sports brand ASICs cooperation, super popular shoes gel Kayano build jordans on sale online the a pair of the newest joint color. The cooperation between the two sides choose to military equipment for inspiration, and in the gel Kayano Retro Running Shoes contour, the green army perforated suede with durable water repellent waterproof technology to produce a, and shoes on both sides of the body inside and outside the brand logo were also through the black ash on both sides of the contrast, finally carrying white running in the bottom and green sole present, create a strong military flavor. Currently, this x ASICS Gel Kayano Footpatrol has been on sale in the Footpatrol online shop, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. source: HBfashion trends are no longer exclusive privileges for men, and more and more female friends are beginning to pay more attention to collocation. In most famous online names, there are still a lot of men dominated, but size? The opening of the for women female plate completely breaks this pattern. difficult to find the favorite style? No small shoes? Now at size? The female plate has changed completely, overwhelmed by size? Select Nike, Adidas Originals, New Balance, Reebok ASICS and other classic brand first to bring exclusive privileges, later will also have Carhartt WIP, St ssy, Rains and Fred; Perry and other brands, from clothing to shoes absolutely let many female buyers are no longer worried about not having, interested friends may wish to go to size? For women first browse. Mobile phone as a daily belongings has become the contemporary people necessities, combined cheap jordans for sale with the shoes and the mobile phone is a natural mobile phone shell sneaker theme, there are currently several Air to Jordan for the design of the iPhone6 case note. text: Repeat source: highsnobiety[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike and Erie have said that as early as Liu Xiang can not win well prepared, and several sets of programs. But fell in the first column, or contrary to their expectations. Liu Xiang in the first column fell down. Then he jumped leg end. When passing through the last column, Liu Xiang deliberately around the back field, affectionate kiss last group hurdle. After the match, the Chinese track and field team held a press conference immediately. Tianguanzhongxin Feng Shuyong, deputy director, said Liu Xiang, the competition system in the process of adaptation aggravated injury, but did not expect to appear before this situation. Results Some experts initial diagnosis is that Liu Xiang Achilles tendon rupture is possible, but also to the results of further hospital to be checked. Feng Shuyong not without regret to announce that for Liu Xiang, the season has ended early. before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, more than a dozen companies have signed endorsement contracts with Liu Xiang. Including an endorsement of 15 million yuan / year business in 2009, only one contract. In 2010, in addition to Nike, 27-year-old Liu Xiang almost no commercial endorsements, endorsements worth trapeze was also dropped to 200 million / year. 2010 years later, Liu Xiang returned from injury, he has won Cheap foamposites for sale the Asian Games champion, Diamond League champion, tied the world record. Advertisers began to re-home, back to ten million yuan worth endorsement. According Tianguanzhongxin said, in order to let Liu Xiangan heart training, Cheung's team refused to sponsor a lot of intention, but in view of the current Olympic Games, Liu Xiang has the endorsement of at least eight major brands - Nike, Erie, Coca-Cola, Qingdao Beer, Nutrilite BMW, Safeguard and Tencent microblogging. After the defeat of Liu Xiang, the first time the brand makers responded. Nike few minutes after launch customized copy on the microblogging: "Who dares all dignity, who would start all over again at the peak, even be nothing ......" "Is there further expressed the attitude of customer needs and other aspects of the" Nike public relations team, an official newspaper that Liu Xiang injury before the news, they have been very worried about whether Liu Xiang can run the entire distance . But Liu Xiang in the first column on the fall, or beyond them all expectations. The official acknowledged that Liu Xiang in the game before, they do a good number of plans, this time in line with Liu Xiang out of the race copywriting is one of them. He said that this time the Olympic games, their marketing programs originally "living out great", and do not care about winning or losing, as planned, regardless of Liu Xiang won did not win, they will celebrate his three consecutive Olympic Games. Erie also head of marketing, told reporters that before the Olympics Erie indeed p cheap air jordans repared several programs, but also do not Liu Xiang gold psychological preparation. "But this result is that no one can predict. Currently we leaders have not yet decided which program you want to enable." Yili Liu also said they would fall in the first column very surprised. But they did not emphasize the results of the competition, Liu Xiang in the ad, which is related to their overall marketing strategy. The Olympics, the Queen's theme is "ordinary people's Olympics", many activities are launched around this, and Liu Xiang is no longer a great personal relationship. But there are some disappointed Erie, "As manufacturers naturally want to brand endorsements athletes play well, it has a great impact on us. As for the CCTV's advertising, it is packaged to buy time, at least Olympic broadcast to the end of it, even if we want to replace the middle can not do. Not only is the Queen, other manufacturers, including BMW that 'as Wyatt Born' is the same, but in my estimation, for now, our marketing strategy may will maintain the original plan. " The head of Nike's public relations team, said Liu Xiang's cooperation with Nike, will not be suspended this year, they still have a series of follow-up cooperation. At the same time, he denied Liu was abducted before playing hurt advertisers rumors: "That is a conspiracy theorists say." According to media reports before, Liu Xiang for commercial development, distribution policy Athletics Administrative Center are: athletes share of 50%, 15% share of coaches, athletes train 20 percent share of the local sports bureau, left 15% under extracted by Tianguanzhongxin. Liu's commercial endorsements to discuss matters relating to the team by the Tianguanzhongxin and Liu Xiang, the endorsement interests of all levels and the distribution ratio has strict rules, all the contents are subject to the endorsement of Liu Xiang has consented. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)earlier, we have reported that Air Jordan VI is about to usher in a special new color, and these shoes originally designed inspiration comes from Jordan's endorsement of energy drinks: Gatorade. Before the Internet has finally released more about this pair of shoes type pictures. The green matte leather uppers create, tongue, sole and shoe buckle have injected the logo of Jumpman Logo as the ornament, while adding orange detail is Gatorade's original tone into. According to the source said, the shoes will be officially released on October 21st, you would like to start with friends, may wish to pay more attention. high degree of concern Air Jordan 12 "Chinese New Year" China New Year series color near the sale, when the sneakers are expected to, Air Jordan recently exposed a new color Air Jordan 12. ?? The shoes and the sale before the Air Jordan 12; "Blue Suede" is very similar to the use of color shoes symbolize the new year red shoes, also uses a unique texture suede fabric to create texture, unique, and fully demonstrated the great temperament. ?? This time the Air Jordan 12; "Red Suede" is and went on sale last month AJ 12 blue suede for the perfect echo, "red blue collocation" Yuanyang shoes must be extremely brisk. Your shoe? It is missing a pair of "little red", it should be this pair!With the NBA 2015-16 season is approaching, Li-Ning star Dwayne Wade Way Of Wade signature boots will bring the fourth generation's signing. This shoe type continuation of the previous generation of plump shape, but the body of the shoe design and comprehensive improvement of mesh upgrade should give this a more perfect wearing experience, officially released more details let us look forward to October 23rd. wade-4-1 (1).Jpg (104.92 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Li-Ning, Way, Of, Wade, 4, Lining, Wade, 4Upload 09:36 2015-10-14 wade-4-3.jpg (114.66 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Li-Ning, Way, Of, Wade, 4, Lining, Wade, 4Upload 09:36 2015-10-14 wade-4-2.jpg (100.55 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Li-Ning, Way, Of, Wade, 4, Lining, Wade, 4Upload 09:36 2015-10-14 wade-4-4.jpg (99.57 KB, download times: 12) download attachment Li-Ning, Way, Of, Wade, 4, Lining, Wade, 4 2015-10-14 09:36 upload Wade 00 Nike for Paul · George built the first pair of signature sneakers, PG 1 has achieved unprecedented success, its excellent actual combat performance and low price, become a favorite of many fans. Although recently on the network has begun to spread PG 2 related progress, but Nike today again brought us two new PG 1. item: 878628-002 release date: July 22nd nike-pg-1-blockbuster-878627-002-2.jpg (148.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike PG 1 Blockbuster & Game Royal 〉April exposure of this Reebok Question Mid White Noise will finally usher in the selling time! This section by the white leather shoes collocation Mint Green Suede toe and heel, the orange and pink tones in the decoration on the bottom made of very distinctive camouflage patterns, fresh sense is the classic Allen Iverson special shoes, Iverson fans can not miss oh. item: V44034 release date: May 23rd reebok-classic-question-white-noise-01.jpg (58.82 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-5-15 upload at 15:23 reebok-classic-question-white-noise-2.jpg (135.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-5-15 , Reebok, Question, White, Noise, Iverson 00 at 15:23 air-jordan-1-mid-white-metallic-silver-554724-105-2.jpg (194.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 1, Mid, Metallic, Silver, officially released Upload 08:39 2017-7-19 in addition to engraved a series of classic shoes, Jordan brand will also bring a pair of brand new Air Jordan 1 High Ultra Space Jam. The selection of warm and strong black wool leather shoes and a combination, to the high collar people eyes, while Swoosh, Jumpman, and details of the flying wing blue dotted, finally carrying blue outsole presentation. jordan-11-space-jam-photos-23.jpg (112.36 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 1, High, Ultra, Space, Jam, space, Big Slam, 2016-11-16 upload at 15:53 jo〉